Understanding Why the Insurance Loss Adjuster Does Not Work for You

An insurance loss adjuster working on behalf of an insurance company has a duty to their company to offer you the lowest possible settlement after you have been involved in an accident. The offer is not intended to be fair, but to settle the matter as soon as possible. Where the incident is substantial and has involved your work while freighting, you will certainly benefit from hiring a truck accident lawyer who understands the laws related to your circumstances.

Do Not Accept and Insurance Companies Offer

When your freighting accident was not your fault, and the company you wish to claim from chooses to make you an offer to settle a claim, you can be sure that a higher settlement figure is available when you employ your own truck accident lawyer.

Where the insurance company can settle the claim directly with you, they will be saving money by not paying out the full amount of compensation that your accident attorney will be able to claim for you. The insurance experts will also be saving the cost of your attorney and any expenses from to their own attorneys, especially when the case needs to go to court.

While many attorneys may understand the many variables around your compensation claim, including damage to your vehicle, lost earnings, and medical costs, an attorney that understands your trucking work will be able to gauge these losses more accurately than most other lawyers.

They will be able to add additional compensation for any pain and suffering that has been brought to you, following the accident.

You can expect the loss adjuster to make you a very low offer, expecting you to refuse or counter so that when they suggest a slightly higher figure, you may believe that you have achieved the compensation that you require.

It is important that all contact is made in writing and you should not rely on any verbal comments or suggestions from either the insurance company or the loss adjuster.

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