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Cufflinks Make A Shirt Go From Drab To Fab

It’s Saturday night and you’re off to a fancy business party.  You’re tired of wearing the same old shirt and tie.  But how should you dress it up?  With a pair of unique cufflinks, you will never look boring and tired again.  Cufflinks are an interesting part of fashion history that more people should wear.  Cufflinks are fashionable, an interesting point of conversation, and interchangeable.

Cufflinks date all the way back to the 16th century and are still fashionable today.  King Louis XIV first made the cufflinks more fashionable by dressing up “cuff strings” with glass beads and making them cuff links.  We have come a long way from glass beads, but the truth is the same: cufflinks add character and style to a shirt.

Cufflinks come in many varieties.  <a href=”http://www.pierceandhobbs.com/”>unique cufflinks</a> are a subtle way to show off your interests and personality.  If you like to play sports, consider some basketball, golf, or baseball cufflinks.  If you like to cook consider some cufflinks of a chef’s hat or salt and pepper shakers. And of course you could always get some cufflinks with your initials or locket cufflinks to hold pictures of your loved ones. Many people will be sure to comment on your unique and interesting cufflinks.

The good thing about cufflinks is that they are an interchangeable accessory.  You could own only one shirt but many sets of cufflinks.  A cufflinks case is a handy thing to own when you have more than one pair of cufflinks.  Cases can hold many sets and keep your unique cufflinks organized.

Cufflinks can be worn on women as well as men.  A fancy blouse with a pair of diamond or pearl cufflinks would be dazzling at church or a dinner party.  Cufflinks first originated with men, but then again so did pantyhose!  Unique cufflinks come in many different metals to suit your unique sense of style.  Silver, Gold and Platinum are a few of the different metals they are available in.  A set of locket cufflinks with a picture of your kids would be a nice accessory to add to your blouse.

Whatever the occasion, cufflinks make a great gift for yourself or someone else!  They add character and personality to your blouse or shirt.  Cufflinks have been around for centuries and they aren’t disappearing anytime soon.  Whether you are athletic, creative, or a hobbyist, there is a set of cufflinks for you.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, go and buy a pair (or two or three) of cufflinks today!  You will get so many comments you won’t regret your decision.

Try something new and by some unique cufflinks today for your next special occasion.  There are so many different styles of unique cufflinks it will be hard to choose your favorite set.

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