Upcoming Changes Regarding Bail Bondsman Service in Contra Costa County CA

In 2018, legislators in California eliminated cash bail requirements in an effort to reform this part of the judicial system. The law will not go into effect until October 2019, however, so people who are arrested and cannot afford bail before then will still need bail bondsman service in Contra Costa County CA. For a fee, they are able to have a surety bond posted and regain their freedom.

The Problem With Cash Bail

California is the first state to make this change, although the Washington D.C. jurisdiction dispensed with cash bail before this. The problem with cash bail is that it greatly favors people with higher incomes. Lower-income individuals and those without any savings typically cannot afford bail and do not have assets they could use as collateral. Instead, they rely on a service like Angela Maxwell Bail Bonds. Visit Angelamaxwellbailbonds.com to read about this particular agency.

Release or Incarceration

Not everyone will be eligible to be released on their own recognizance after the new system is implemented. Those who are evaluated as a high risk for fleeing or for being a danger to the community will have to stay behind bars. People who have been arrested for violent crimes also will not be allowed their freedom before trial or before the case ends some other way, such as through a plea bargain.

A large number of criminal offenses that leave defendants stuck behind bars before trial are nonviolent ones and even misdemeanors. Shoplifting is a primary example. A bail bondsman service in Contra Costa County CA helps these men and women by posting a bond in lieu of the full cash amount.

Dissatisfaction of Reform Advocates

Not everyone is satisfied with this new legislation, mainly because of the subjectivity of defendant evaluations. They worry that people of color will be detained more frequently than white individuals, for example. Some reform advocates do not like the “either-or” aspect of the upcoming changes. Now, instead of being allowed the chance to pay a higher bail to guarantee the defendant will make all court appearances, a person charged with a more serious offense will remain in jail.

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