Use the Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bed to Telecommute from Bed

You were hoping to make the second bedroom your home office. It became the nursery instead. The beauty of the digital age is the ability to telecommute. Fortunately, your boss agrees. All you need to do is find a work space at home. The kitchen table proves to be a sticky surface, and the chairs are uncomfortable. Also, you keep checking the fridge for a snack. The living room tempts you to watch daytime television and lie on the couch, while eating the snacks you collected during your trips to the refrigerator. That leaves the bathroom and the bedroom. The bathroom is not feasible so you decide to work on your bed. You wish you had an adjustable bed like the Leggett and Platt adjustable bed.

You read about the Leggett and Platt adjustable bed in the New York Times. It’s been at the back of your mind ever since. You remember chuckling when the reporter mentioned the snore feature. Your spouse would love for you to stop shoving him in the middle of the night to get his snoring to stop. The adjustable bed actually has a “snore” button that elevates the bed to get the snoring to stop without waking the snorer. According to your spouse, the snore feature was not a good enough reason to buy an adjustable bed.

The article also mentioned being able to control the bed with your iPhone after downloading an app. It comes with a remote control, but if you’re going to be working in the bed, it makes more sense to only have one control device next to you.

After doing some research you learn you can get a split-top bed so you and your spouse can adjust your own sides. That would work for your bed office too. Your side could be positioned so you are sitting up with your legs slightly elevated, while your spouse’s side could be flat and hold any files you may need to have available.

A laptop, Wi-Fi, a telecommute job, and a bed office would give you the ability to not only work in your pajamas but to do so from your very own, technologically advanced, Leggett and Platt adjustable bed. When your spouse gets home and requests a massage, you take the opportunity to mention the massage feature on the bed that will be your new office. Your life as a young professional just got even better.

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