Using Epoxy Powder Coating

The coating market continues to grow with the powder coating sector growing at a rapid rate. By 2020, the prediction is for it to reach $12.48 billion. This is the figure resulting from an estimated 7.6% annual growth. Among the varieties of powder coatings, one of the more popular is an epoxy powder coating. Of the two major types of powder coatings, thermosets and thermoplastics, thermosets dominate the powder coating market due to their outstanding performance properties and wide formulation options.

Epoxy Powder Coatings – Thermoset Coatings

Powder coatings generally fall into one of two categories:

  1. Thermoplastic Coatings
  2. Thermoset Coatings

In the current global market, thermosets dominate. Epoxy is a thermoset coating. It is a solid resin that, when melted, flows and crosslinks. After setting and curing, thermoset coatings such as epoxy resolve into a stable condition. In this state, the coating does not melt and, in fact, resists it.

Finishing companies choose thermosets and epoxy in particular as a means of providing protection against various substances and conditions that can harm the component. They find the application of an epoxy powder coating does much to improve the substrate upon which it is applied. The coating:

  • Improves impact resistance by producing a durable and tough surface
  • Makes the component corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Results in excellent adherence qualities

By using epoxy powder coatings, the finisher and manufacturer now can employ the product in what would have been hostile environments. This makes them suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Problems with Epoxy Powder Coatings

However, the use epoxy as a powder coating is not without its difficulties. Although valued for electrical insulation coating as well as for automotive parts and rebar coatings, it needs to be properly treated to prevent one of the common failings. The high crosslink density of epoxy is also responsible for producing a coating that suffers from often being too brittle and, therefore, susceptible to damage during certain normal practices.

Another issue can arise if the coating is used on components are intended for exterior placement. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and other elements will result in aggressive chalking. This affects the appearance rather than the protective qualities of the coating. However, measures can be taken to reduce come of the risks. Some recent research indicates that Incorporating Hypro reactive liquid polymers will reduce the occurrence of brittle coatings.

Epoxy Powder Coating

Powder coatings are growing in usage annually. Epoxy powder coatings are one simple and environmentally friendly way of providing protection to a substrate. When applied appropriately, an epoxy powder coating will help reduce the negative impact of many environmental problems such as rust and chemical erosion.

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