Using Industrial Pest Control in Arlington VA To Keep Mice Out Of A Warehouse

If someone manages a warehouse that deals with food storage, they will want to take the appropriate steps in performing Industrial Pest Control in Arlington VA to keep mice from becoming a problem. Here are a few tips those in the warehouse can use to keep rodents from being attracted to the area so food products are not at risk for contamination.

Mice tend to stick to the perimeter areas in a room as they will be able to scoot through holes or cracks quickly if danger seems present. It is a good idea to keep all warehouse food products in the middle portion of the room. Keeping this area well-lit will also be a deterrent to mice as they will be seen easily by workers in the area. Keeping the products along the sides of the warehouse would put them in the path of mice in the area as these areas are often shady.

The exterior walls of the building should be checked for portions where mice can make their way inside. Using caulk to fill in cracks will be helpful in keeping rodents on the exterior of the building. Larger holes will need to be repaired to keep the risk of an intrusion at a minimum.

It is a good idea to call an Industrial Pest Control in Arlington VA to help with mouse population issues. They will do an assessment of the warehouse to see where there are security issues and will make recommendations in how to conduct business so mice do not become a problem.

They will also be able to effectively remove present mice from the building without putting the food products at risk. Browse website for more details.

Call a service to help with Industrial Pest Control in Arlington VA at the first signs of a mouse problem. If there are droppings present in the area or if gnaw marks are noticed on food packaging, rodents are most likely present. Finding a pest control service will become important so additional products are not put at risk. Call Pest Management Services to come to the warehouse to do an evaluation if necessary.

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