Using Personal Injury Lawyers for Toxic Pollutants

Many people feel that you do not need to hire, or even speak, to a personal injury lawyers in Baltimore if your injuries are severe. However, there are many other times that a lawyer can be of assistance. Many people know about slip and fall cases, and automobile accidents; however, there are lesser-known personal injury cases.

Toxic ExposureIf you are suffering a sickness and have proof that is due to pollution in gas, solid, or liquid state, then you have grounds for a personal injury insurance claim. The pollutant can be found in the air, food, soil, water, or in the building materials of your life. Industries are required to follow the law set by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA. If they fail to do so, then they should be held responsible for the medical bills that people are forced to pay when they fall ill.

Landlords are also required to keep their apartments toxin free. This means if the tenant discovers black mold growing in their apartment, the landlord must take care of it. Now, it does not mean that they have to pay for it if it was the tenant’s fault, but they do need to get the apartment cleaned. Failure to do so will make them liable for the injuries you sustain and the moving costs for you to find a suitable place to live. Black mold launches spores into the air so possessions will often need to be replaced to be considered safe.

When you have a personal injury lawyers on your side, they will help you battle the companies that have a lot more money backing them. Lawyers know what insurance the companies have, and how to show they failed to follow the letter of the law. Most personal injury lawyers Baltimore will offer a free consultation, and then work on a contingency basis. They will charge about 30-percent of your settlement. This may sound like a lot, but if you figure how many hours they will be working, and how much more you would have to pay per hour, contingency fees are often the best route to go when you are looking at a large settlement. It also will allow you to have a personal injury lawyers Baltimore begin helping you immediately, instead of waiting for you to have money saved up.


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