Using Subsea Early Production Systems for Earlier Profitability

In today’s market of increasing market demand, advanced systems and strategic planning are vital to making oil extraction productive as early as possible. Subsea early production systems are designed to do just that. Design companies focus on complex systems that are capable of deep-water, ultra-Deepwater, offshore, and onshore oil production.

There are a number of advantage to using these types of systems. For starters there are several economic benefits. These processing systems can be built a lower cost. Cash flow can be generated at earlier points than other systems. Well overall production can be more accurate determined so that return projections and cost benefit analysis can be accurately calculated.

How These Systems Work
Upon the establishment of a temporary drilling system, crude oil is extracted through low pressure systems. This type of process is commonly used in subsea systems. Upon extraction, the crude is stored in vessels underwater then transported. A key factor in these types of systems is that they are temporary systems that can be quickly established.

Processing in the testing phase can become an economic benefit. The initially extracted products can be immediately sold in markets around the world. The initial product is often sold at a lower rate in order to fund continued operations. The sales are also utilized to project future earnings and an operations profitability potential at full independence.

Financial Perspective
After one or two years of a temporary system, analysts are able to access what the ledge holds for a specific well. An accurate estimate of long term productivity and the overall content of a reservoir can be more accurately determined.

Subsea early production systems provide better procedural selections, stronger field development planning, a greater capacity when it comes to generating cash flow, and optimizes investments.

Also an increased financial benefit is that with earlier production, organizations are actually turning the testing phase into a profitable endeavor. These temporary systems can operate with a great level of complexity while simultaneously delivering quality service.

As always with any industry, these extraction processes continue to addresses safety, health and environment concerns throughout the implementation of all procedures and standard operations.

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