Vegetable Tins, Pop Cans, Curling Iron: Heading to the Recycling Center

The commitment to recycling is a learned skill. Often you begin with small steps like rinsing out glass containers or pop cans and taking them to the recycling center in Suffolk County, NY every so often. Then, perhaps, bins appear in your utility room or garage so that all recyclables can be sorted and you pledge to carry items to more than one recycling center in order to be able to recycle more items. After a while, when you look around, you realize that recycling possibilities are everywhere, particularly when it comes to scrap metal.

If anyone in your home uses a hair dryer or curling iron, chances are that more than one has been purchased in the last five years. That is because, on average, non-professional models are not designed to last more than one or two years, according to Conair, a leading manufacturer of hair care products. Obsolescence in one to two years means an awful lot of dryers, curling rods, and flat irons in the landfill. Or, it could mean that those items are headed to the nearest recycling center.

Inside those small hair appliances, there is scrap metal waiting to be extracted. Of course, you will have to take them to a recycling center that accepts scrap metal, but since there is a scrap metal recycling center in the Suffolk County, NY area, that is not a problem. In fact, you can take those old auto parts that have been sitting in the garage while you are at it. Anything that contains metal – construction materials, large and small appliances, autos, anything with wiring – is a likely candidate for the recycling center.

The great thing about the recycling center is that they will take most anything that has any kind of scrap metal in it: steel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium, nickel. Recycling these metals is great for the environment on many levels. Most notably, metal is one of the best materials for recycling. Unlike papers and plastics, metal does not lose any of its integrity or strength when it is recycled. It can be reused over and over again. Not only does recycling benefit the environment, but it can also benefit you since the recycling center will usually pay top dollar for scrap metals.

Planned obsolescence is a reality of the 21st century. However, before you throw those used hair, kitchen, or other small appliances into the trash, ask yourself if they contain metal or wiring. If they do, set them aside for your next trip to the recycling center in Suffolk County, NY.

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