Versatility in Bagging Equipment

Bagging equipment is used to package a variety of products including frozen foods, candy, produce, baked goods, coffee, snack foods, pet foods, hardware, automotive products and more. Packaging industries must not only know their product, but they must also know their bagging machinery in order to match the product with the best packaging solution.

Some pieces of equipment are capable of measuring, weighing and counting the product so that each bag is packed identically. Other pieces of equipment come with bagging and sealing functions. Some of the machines are even equipped with auxiliary pieces that can further enhance the packaging process.

Here are just a few options available for bagging equipment.

Vertical Bagging System
The vertical bagging system is a packaging machine that is ideal for the food packaging industry. This particular machine can perform a variety of automatic tasks including bag making, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting. It is often referred to as a vertical form fill seal machine. Numerous models are available for handling a variety of packaging options.

Bag Sealers
Packaging is a multi-step process that typically ends with the sealing of the product. Bag sealer machines are available to meet plastic bag sealing needs. Bag sealers can include impulse heat bar sealers, continuous band sealers and continuous heat bar sealers. The impulse heat bar sealers work great for products that must be sealed airtight. Continuous sealers are ideal for sealing products such as MIL spec brier bags, film or foil laminates and other multi-layer materials or coated paper.

Valve Bag Filler
The purpose of the valve bag filler is to accurately measure and fill a required amount of product into a bag. These machines are often used for packaging cement, fertilizer, flour, grains and sugar. Valve bag filler machines come in several models and also include additional pieces of equipment such as low-end and high-end valve bag applicators, robotic bag handling systems and even ultrasonic sealers.

Additional Options
The options in bagging are extensive. If there’s not a specific packaging method available for a particular product then one can be created to meet the need.

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