Want a Custom Kitchen, Buy New Cabinet Doors

The kitchen is the most used room in the house, and it can take a beating. Heat, humidity, and just hard use can take a toll on the cabinets. If you want a custom kitchen, do it with cabinet doors. Nothing has a bigger impact on the look and style of your kitchen.

Because they are custom, the doors can give a look and feel that you want.


Modern kitchens, in particular, can be highlighted with simple but sleek cabinet doors. A homeowner who is redesigning a compact kitchen will find that flat panel; uncluttered cabinet doors tend to make the room look bigger.

Mixed Styles

If you are torn between two styles, do not back away from using both. Kitchen cabinet doors do not have to all be the same. Complementary designs can add depth and strength to the overall effect. Have fun; don’t be afraid of mixing a modern look with a vintage look and use color to maximum advantage.

Whether you opt for minimalist, mixed, or an absolute “one-of-a-kind” door design, the structure of the cabinets stays as is. By replacing doors and drawer fronts only, you save a lot of money on construction costs and of course, new cabinets. Replacing doors is a straightforward DIY project that can transform the ambiance of your kitchen overnight.

The best material for a custom kitchen cabinet doors is MDF. MDF doors are one solid piece; wood doors are made from several pieces, which make the doors unstable and prone to warping. MDF is a processed material, rather than use multiple pieces; the solid panel is shaped and milled using sophisticated CNC machinery. The result is a custom door that replicates anything that can be made from wood but without the problem of shrinking or warping.

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