Watching Fictional TV Dramas Is Not a Realistic Way to Learn About Bail Bonds Services in Van Zandt County Texas

By the time someone reaches the age of 30, this person usually knows at least a little bit about the process of bail for release from jail. However, the process of doing business with bail bonds services in Van Zandt County Texas may not be familiar at all. Fictional TV legal shows may present bail bond agents in a questionable light for the same of drama, but in reality, the agencies are licensed and reputable businesses in the community.

Co-Signer Requirements

One thing that may never have been seen on TV dramas is that many defendants have a family member or friend arrange for the bail bond because they cannot do so while in jail. If the defendant is able to apply for a bail bond, the agency may require a co-signer. The co-signer essentially is responsible for making sure the defendant goes to court as scheduled.

A TV Show Example

The Law and Order TV franchise has featured several shows in which a defendant is bailed out of jail. There also are many courtroom scenes in which a judge is asked by the prosecution to deny bail and by the defense to be lenient. In real life, these situations occur at a bail hearing or an arraignment. Once bail has been set, a relative or close friend of the defendant can contact bail bonds services in Van Zandt County Texas to complete an application.

In fact, this is considered one of the more realistic depictions of the bail system, although it tends to focus on the law enforcement viewpoint. The detectives become frustrated when someone they believe is guilty and a danger to others is released on bail. At the hearing, a judge may become irritated with an overzealous defense attorney demanding that the defendant stay behind bars.

Concluding Thoughts

Nobody should be afraid to contact an organization like A to Z Bail Bonds for assistance. They may be fearful the application will be denied, but bonding agents do what they can to approve everyone. That might mean requirements for collateral as well as a co-signer. Get in touch with us at the earliest convenience.

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