What an Estate Planning Attorney Can Do to Help You Sort Your Legal Affairs

Many legal matters need to be considered when planning how your estate will be distributed following your death. Hiring a lawyer who helps clients organize their estates can enable you to get all the details in order to alleviate your worries. Here are a few specific responsibilities that an estate planning attorney in Evanston can help you manage.

Draft a Will

The attorney who you hire can help you create a will that specifies how your property will be divided among your beneficiaries. This document is legally binding and can help your beneficiaries avoid disputes. Your will can also be amended by you at any time prior to your death if you change your mind about how you’d like your property distributed.

Reduce Estate Taxes

Estate taxes can be especially burdensome on your beneficiaries, and your lawyer will try to devise ways to reduce what is owed to the government. Your attorney may even advise you to give some of your property away while you’re still living to avoid hefty estate taxes.

Make the Probate Process Easier

Probate is the process that verifies a will for authenticity so that property can be distributed legally. This process often involves a lot of tedious steps and extra expenses, and your estate attorney will work to eliminate many of these hassles.

Plan Charitable Donations

If you want to leave some of your money or other property to favorite charities, the legal representative who you hire can help make sure that all charitable donations will be made after your passing. Your lawyer can even name charities as beneficiaries in your will.

Hiring the right attorney can make the entire estate planning process a much easier endeavor. The Law Office of Jeffrey P. Story can match you with an estate planning attorney in Evanston who’s available to serve you, and you can arrange a consultation by visiting their website.

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