What Are Common Elements of Trailer Service in York, PA?

There are many different elements to effective trailer service in your area. If you drive a truck, you need to make sure your trailer is in great condition. A trailer that’s not in great shape can rob you of fuel efficiency, cost you time, and even put you in danger. You need to make sure your trailer keeps your truck on the road and your shipment deliveries on time. There are general maintenance and repair issues that often have to be resolved when you take your truck or trailer in to be serviced.

Tire Truing and Balancing

The tires on your trailer will need to be serviced from time to time. Trailer service in York, PA needs to deal with the tires on your trailer. There are two basic components to this: truing and balancing. A wheel rim needs to be perfectly straight. Otherwise, the wheel will wobble and the entire trailer will be unstable. To keep that from happening, the service experts will tighten and loosen certain spokes on your wheels to pull the wheel into balance. This process is called truing.

Balancing involves putting weights on different parts of the rim until the trailer is rolling completely straight. The experts at Sindall Truck Service can balance and true your tires for you quickly and efficiently.

Tire Repairs

There are a lot of wheels on an eighteen-wheeler. A lot of wheels means a lot of opportunities for something to go wrong with your tires. That’s why they’re so common in trailer service jobs. You’ll need to have your trailer tire patched or repaired fairly frequently. A full replacement of your tire is the best way to get reliable repairs. The patches and plugs only last for so long, even if they can be applied to your particular puncture. Oftentimes, eighteen-wheeler tires will completely blow out.

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