What are Some Different Kinds of Sewer Snake Blades?

Blades are important for various sewer and drainage system problems. These blades are used to eliminate blockages, open the drainage, scoop out clogs, and more. If you’re looking for a sewer snake replacement blade for your drain snake, consider the different types and uses of sewer snake blades available for replacement.


Types of blades are based on function. They can be either offset, round, pear, elliptic, single, u-shaped, round bottom, and more. Each has a different purpose such as cleaning out a simple kitchen sink clog of potato peels and grease, to a large blade suitable for cutting through tree roots on a sewer line. Blades could either have teeth or not and come in various sizes.

Don’t Neglect Quality

When a blade loses its sharpness or breaks, you’ve lost it’s functionality. Replacing the blade with a cheaper alternative might save you a few dollars, but what about it’s quality? You can easily lose your newly bought replacement blades because of their lack in quality. Make sure your blades come from a company that is known for their quality. Making sure you purchase your blades from a well established company that produces blades that are heat-treated, high-carbon steel, are rust proof, and come from the factory pre-sharpened.

The Company

Duracable Manufacturing Company provides sewer snake replacement blades in a variety of choices. Duracable offers blades and chucks that fit on equipment from other manufacturers with quality brands such as Spartan, Gorlits, General, Mytana, and Ridgid. These products are all made in the U.S.A.

No matter what you need for your plumbing and sewer business, Duracable has has a wide selection of equipment and all the accessories you need to get the job done. They’ve been in the business of taking care of plumbing and sewer professionals since 1981. Duracable has professionals standing by to talk to you about the needs of your business. Contact them today at 877-244-0740.

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