What are the Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a practitioner that practices chiropractic therapy.  Chiropractic therapy is a health care regime that collaborates with the natural healing power that the body inherently possesses to convalesce without the use of medication and invasive surgical techniques. The therapy emphasizes treatment of the spine and nervous system associated with it. The practitioner aims to restore health of the individual through manipulation of the spinal column. As most of the treatment is aimed at the spinal column, many individuals immediately assume or believe that the chiropractor treats only back problems or neck ailments. In reality the aim of chiropractic is to optimize wellbeing and achieve good health.

The chiropractic aims at locating and treating vertebral subluxations. On submitting yourself to the examination of the chiropractic practitioner, he will test your spine for abnormalities. The chiropractor is a skilled practitioner who uses hands-on manipulation on the patient’s spine to repair misalignments, fixations or other defects (vertebral subluxations).  The manipulation technique may comprise the application of gentle force on the affected spinal area to correct the abnormality that has been assessed. The therapy is composed of many specialized techniques that also address other conditions other than spinal adjustments. Massage therapy to enhance the health of soft tissue, dietary and nutritional counseling, physical therapy and programs devised to modify the patient’s lifestyle may all contribute to a normal chiropractor’s duties.

A typical medical doctor can approach a health problem in very different ways to a chiropractor. The chiropractor addresses a problem with a holistic approach that aims to treat the causes that contribute to the patient’s health ailment while the medical doctor focuses on treating the symptoms of the condition rather than the causes that have given rise to it. Chiropractics  aspire to provide lasting long term benefits to the patient by treating the causes rather than offering short term relief to symptoms.

Chiropractic has shown beneficial results in many types of joint and muscle pain. The therapy is effective in the treatment of such varying conditions like: headaches, spinal and extremity pain, arthritic joint pain, tissue damage, tissue inflammation, muscular spasms etc. The chiropractic treatment can also enhance well being, coordination and balance, joint health, mobility and range of motion, relaxation etc. Performance and energy levels are also found to be boosted with the therapy.

Chiropractic has helped millions around the world find lasting relief for their pain symptoms and other ailments. When looking for a holistic solution to your pain and depressed energy levels, visit a trained chiropractor. Charlotte residents can consult a number of skilled practitioners in clinics in the area.

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