What Are The Most Common Types Of Cases Handled By A Family Law Lawyer?

Legal cases always pose as great financial challenges for the family who has to bear the expenses of court proceedings and hiring the services a competent lawyer. The legal history of almost all countries are filled with cases related to feuds, both family and business, personal injury cases, dominated by road accidents and wrongful death cases, and family law disputes. On taking a close look you will find that family law disputes involve a great deal of emotional and financial stress for the members of the family involved in the case.

No individual prefers to take family matters to the court since all details related to the family are at the risk of legal and public scrutiny. But in unfortunate cases of intense disputes, hiring the services of an experienced family law lawyer turns out to be the only way out. Did you know that there are host of different cases that a family law attorney has to attend to? Here is a close look at the different types of cases that come under family law.

Divorce Cases : There has been a sharp rise in the number of divorce cases over the past decade. The role of the family law lawyer is limited in case of uncontested divorce cases wherein both the petitioner and the respondent agree on how to complete the splitting of their possessions. The situation gets complicated when the respondent decides to contest the divorce action and claim a fair division of assets under court jurisdiction.

Child Custody Cases : The most difficult of family law cases, child custody disputes often brew for years together. In most cases, the parents agree to take equal financial responsibility for the child’s growing years. However, major differences with respect to the custody of the child, arise when one parent or party claims full custody of the child. This is when the other parent contests such decisions leading to further complications. The matter often extends months after the court has passed its verdict, when subsequent issues like meeting timings take the case back to court. Family law lawyers are required to follow-up in every case, in order to ensure that both the parties conform to the regulations decided by the court.

Domestic Violence Suits : These cases are always related to incidences in domestic violence and call for immediate legal action. Court jurisdiction in most cases end in physical separation of the contesting parties. In case of husband-wife disputes, the separation period may often result in divorce.

In Fort Myers, family law lawyers have successfully handled almost all types of family law cases which has led to their sound experience in the field. Residents of this area therefore, should seek the services of experienced lawyers for the best outcome of the legal trial they are involved in.

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