What Attracts Ants to Come in Your House

Have you discovered that a few ants have wandered into your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen? While this doesn’t mean you’re dealing with an infestation, it does mean that a more serious problem could be on the way. The first ants you see may be scouts looking for a new home for an entire colony. Once that happens, you have a much bigger problem.

The good news is that you can learn what is bringing these ants in to do some ant control of your own. Below are a few of the things that bring the ants marching.

If your home has excess moisture around, it can attract ants into it. Ants often choose to congregate in bathrooms because of the easy access to water. If you’ve seen a few ants in the bathroom, check your toilet, sinks, and tubs for dripping water.

You should also clean the bathroom to get rid of any pools of water. Consider cleaning the floors and drawers with a disinfectant cleaner. Keeping the sink free of standing water is another option.

Ants are also attracted to accessible food. If you aren’t quick to clean up spills, it can attract ants. To avoid ants coming to share your crumbs, it’s important to clean your kitchen regularly. This is especially helpful if there is any grease of sugar around, as this is extra attractive to wandering insects.

You also may want to be sure your food is securely stored. Ants will not smell the food if it’s stored in the refrigerator or a container.

The final best way to offer some ant control is by making it impossible for ants to enter your home. This is often done through small holes or cracks in walls. When food and water are taken care of, you just want to make sure it’s difficult for ants to enter. One of the ways to do this is by sealing doors and windows with weather stripping. You can also seal holes in walls with caulk to avoid an ant infestation.

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