What Can a Domestic Relation Attorney in Fair Oaks, CA Help You With?

A domestic relation attorney in Fair Oaks, CA can help people with a variety of issues. While some people just think about divorce when they think about lawyers getting involved in family affairs, there are quite a few other reasons that lawyers might be needed. Grandparents might have to hire lawyers so that they can have visitation rights to see their grandchildren. A family argument might interfere with grandparents having access to grandchildren. Grandparents might also get cut off when one of the parents dies. When grandparents are barred from seeing grandchildren, both the grandparents and grandchildren could be negatively affected.

There are others ways that a domestic relation attorney in Fair Oaks, CA can help people. In some cases, paternity comes into question. What if a husband finds out his wife has been having an affair? Naturally, he might start to question a lot of things that he thought were true about their relationship. One of the things that might get questioned is the paternity of the children they have together. Other people might need help with paternity before a child is even born. Some cases even involve people being tracked down and accused of fathering children 10 or more years ago. Finding out whether or not claims are true should always be a priority in such cases.

What if paternity is established? How should matters proceed? What are the rights of the biological father? Sadly, there are a number of men who feel that they don’t have a chance to get the rights they feel they deserve. This leads to some men not even trying to fight for their rights in court. The truth is that men should never give up that easily. With the help of a lawyer, it’s possible for a father to get full custody of his child. While full custody might be the goal of some fathers, it’s important to remember that what’s better for a child is what should come first.

Lawyers can help parents work out reasonable arrangements that benefit all parties involved. Those who need help with cases involving children can meet Attorney Hugh O. Allen or any other lawyer in the area. Consultations are usually free for people who need help.

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