What Does A Cosmetic Dentist Do?

Once a dentist has completed his or her dental school education they can, if they so wish, take additional training in various dental procedures which are not restorative but are designed to improve the smile of the patient. There are cosmetic dentists that focus exclusively on performing these various procedures while there are other dentists that also do routine dental work such as professional cleanings, fillings, etc. Although Chicago cosmetic dentistry is a dental specialty, the attending dentist is equally concerned with the overall oral health of the patient.

A cosmetic dentist can perform a number of procedures, all of which are designed to improve the looks of the patient’s teeth. Although there are numerous procedures, the most common are tooth whitening, color matched fillings, veneers, implants and crowns. In the majority of cases the procedures are considered elective, they are not a medical necessity but as they are designed to enhance the persons smile which in turn gives a boost to self-confidence, cosmetic dentistry is well worth considering.

Think of Chicago cosmetic dentistry as “smile design.” The dentist and the patient work closely together, the dentist gets an understanding of what the patient hopes to achieve in the way of looks and feel. It is a fact that regular dental visits for routine care are extremely important to total dental health, teeth will never look perfect if they are not healthy to begin with. This is why working with a dentist that offers general care and treatment as well as cosmetic procedures is an ideal combination; any restorative work can be done by the same dentist that will perform the cosmetic treatments.

The cost of Chicago cosmetic dentistry depends on the procedure in question, the extent of the work that is needed, the time involved and the experience of the dentist. Tooth whitening is a simple, straight forward procedure and can usually be done in one sitting; the patient can even purchase a kit from the dentist and apply the whitening gel at home. There are reasons why tooth whitening will not work, for example it has no effect on teeth which have been filled with composite resin fillings. In this situation the dentist will recommend veneers which whiten the teeth to the degree the individual wants but also covers any slight imperfections such as surface cracks or chips on the biting edges.

Chicago cosmetic dentistry is available from the accomplished staff at the Art of Modern Dentistry. Arrange an appointment with ArtofModernDentistry.com where you can discuss what is needed to improve your smile.

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