What Exactly is a Poke Bowl?

In recent times, the Poke bowl has become a popular dish among the lunch crowd. Some people even eat it for breakfast and dinner too. The quick rise to fame for this traditional Hawaiian dish is partly due to social media. People love to post different versions of the dish on the popular social networks. Whether you are a Poke lover, or new to the game, you might want to know more about this delightful dish. Read on to learn more about what makes these bowls so popular. The Layering System The typical Poke bowl is actually layered with different ingredients. A Poke bowl in Montclair NJ will start off with a layer of white rice. In some cases, this base layer may be substituted for vegetables as a low-carb option. Next, the rice is topped with a lawyer of sushi-like fish. In most cases, it is some type of tuna. Yellowfin tuna is one of the most popular choices. Most Poke bars let you choose which type of fish you prefer for this level. The thing to remember is that the fish is raw. In the end, the raw fish texture mixes perfectly with the grains of rice below. The last piece of a Poke bowl isn’t really a layer, Rather, it is a combination of seasonings that are placed on the fish. How these are created really depends on the recipes used in a Poke bowl in Montclair NJ. In general, you can expect to find pink sea salt, sesame seeds and scallions.

The Original Fish Serving ahi tuna in Poke was not always the norm. In fact, these bowls were originally made with reef fish. Over the years, new items made their way into the Poke bowl. Such new additions include salmon. This change was due to the preference of Japanese immigrants in Hawaii. Nowadays, you’ll find Poke that contains a wide variety of ingredients to provide customers with numerous options. Poke Also Wasn’t So Colorful If you’ve seen today’s Poke bowls, you’ll know that they are rather colorful. This is due to the addition of vegetables and other toppings. One popular add-on is pineapple. This was probably added on due to the connection with Hawaii. However, real Poke bowls don’t have pineapple. All in all, a Poke bowl in Montclair NJ can be customized to contain whatever you like! Just Try It! As long as you don’t have fish allergies, there is no reason not to try Poke. Again, it is worth mentioning that you can have it however you want it. Therefore, there is a good chance you’ll like Poke the first time you try it!

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