What Happens When An Application For Disability Benefits Is Denied?

If you make application for Social Security disability benefits in Des Plaines and the application is denied what options do you have?

The first option that people have is the one that should not be considered, that is to give up.

The second option is to start the process all over again, once again, the wrong thing to do. Almost all claims that are resubmitted are denied because nothing has changed. A new claim, even though it ends up being reviewed by a different examiner will only the same information and medical evidence to consider; if it was denied once it will be denied again. Not only is there a good chance that the second application will be denied, if the application is denied sometime in the future there is a very chance that you will lose substantial back pay.

The third option by far is the best approach; make an immediate appeal:

If your application for Social Security disability benefits in Des Plaines is denied and you continue to suffer from a medical condition that:

   * Is responsible for serious physical or mental limitations and
   * Prevents you from working and earning a living

Your best option is to make an immediate appeal of the examiners initial decision. This is something that should be done well within a 60-day window that is allowed by the Administration.

If you don’t have a lawyer, this is the time to get one:

If you have a lawyer he or she will attend to the appeal, if not, as soon as you receive notice of denial you need to hire one. Your lawyer will look after all the preparation that needs to be done to make a successful appeal during the hearing, hopefully resulting in your getting your rightful Social Security disability benefits.

For many people who are disabled and unable to work, Social Security benefits in Des Plaines are the lifeline that they need to survive during this painful time. If you are disabled, before anything, contact The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown for help.

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