What is a glamour photographer?

A Glamour Photographer is someone who specializes in a certain type of photography that utilizes models in a way that highlights their best natural features in a flattering and artistic manner. A Glamour Photographer can act in many different ways, doing everything from stylized senior pictures for high schoolers to layouts in magazines. There are many different examples of work done by one glamour photographer or another all over the magazine stands.

Many of the glamour photography is rather demure, but some of it can also be quite racy. Most glamour photographers feel that their pictures are a form of art that explore the human race using various styling techniques that highlight the person who is their subject. Photographers will bring out a certain aspect of the model using composition, lighting, and other aspects to draw attention to that one angle. The glamour photographer is sometimes connected to sensual images, but the pictures do not always have to be sensual in composition.

A glamour photographer can work with color as well as black and white images. The stages and settings can also be used in a variety of ways. Some photographers like to work with backdrops within a studio so they can control the amount of light that the room has on the subject. Studios also tend to make the model comfortable since the temperatures and other variations can also be controlled. Some glamour photographers like working outside as well where the pictures are more varied and the environment is uncontrollable.

It is possible for a glamour photographer to take a glamorous picture of anyone, though, of course, some end up better than others. A good glamour photographer, however, should be able to pick out and highlight the best features on any subject from a teen star to an older woman. Subjects often enjoy glamour photography because they leave the session feeling good about themselves and the natural beauty and unique features that they have, which the glamour photographer was able to highlight. These glamour pictures likely will become fast favorites.

As is true with all photography, some glamour photographers use Photoshop to highlight certain aspects of the photo later. Many models will even pose for glamour shots in a nude or semi-nude state, though none of their intimate areas actually show. The glamour photographer will use things like scarves or other accessories to highlight certain parts while covering others. These photos often end up feeling very glamorous and obscure at the same time. One of the most popular examples of this type of glamour photography is a picture done of Marilyn Monroe in 1953 where Marilyn was shot nude with certain props hiding her in an artful manner.

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