What Is a Root Canal?

If you have a damaged tooth or a gum infection, then you need a specialized dental procedure as fast as possible. A root canal from a Glenview, Ill. dentist can save your tooth along with stopping the pain from an infection or an injury. Contact a dental facility right away to have an emergency appointment for this type of problem because it will only get worse without fast treatment. First, your dentist will collect medical images to determine if the infection from a tooth has spread to the alveolar bones or jawbone. Next, you will need a visual examination to understand if you need a root canal immediately in Glenview.

Temporary or Permanent Crowns

You are anesthetized when you require a root canal in Glenview. This procedure requires drilling into the top of the tooth or removing the upper section of the tooth to remove its pulp, nerves and roots. The dentist will rinse the shell of the tooth with a solution that will eliminate bacteria. The tooth’s shell is filled with a durable substance that will support the structure of the tooth. You will also need a temporary or permanent crown to cover the tooth. Temporary crowns are only used for a few days while the permanent crown is made, but some dentists are able to have a permanent crown made right away.

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After a root canal in Glenview, you will feel groggy from the sedation, and you must give your mouth time to heal for a few days. You should eat a soft diet so that your gum tissue can overcome the trauma from the dental surgery. For additional information about root canal procedures, you should contact Family Smiles at the Glen at 847-998-0255, or you can visit our website.

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