What Is Involved in the Process of Metal Fabrication Auburn WA?

Metal fabrication is a process where metal structures are built. It takes a professional who is fully trained in working with different types of metals to ensure the fabrication proceeds appropriately. With this information, contractors can discover more about Metal Fabrication Auburn WA so they will know what to expect.

What Happens During the Metal Fabrication Process?

The metal fabrication process first begins with the drawing of an engineer. An engineer must create the design and ensure it will be able to perform its purpose correctly. Once the design has been fully drafted and approved, the process for Metal Fabrication Auburn WA will begin.

During the process of fabrication, both automation and human labor are used to ensure the end result is fabricated to the exacting specifications of the architectural design. There are a few different steps involved in the process of metal fabrication, including the following.

  • The pieces must first be cut to the specific measurements needed for the design. The cutting of the metal may be carried out by cutting, grinding, sawing, or chiseling, depending on the piece being worked on and the type of metal.
  • Press brakes and other tools are used to bend the metal into the desired shapes that are necessary for assembling the end product. The bend lines must be placed at precise points to ensure the design can be constructed.
  • Finally, the assembly process begins which ensures all of the pieces are properly assembled into one solid unit that will be able to perform with reliability. Specific steps must be taken for the precise assembly process to continue.

If the above steps are not carried out precisely, the piece will not come together as planned. This is why it is so critical to work with a professional fabrication team that can provide the highest level of service from the very beginning.

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