What Is Keratin Straightening And Why You Should Consider It?

Keratin straightening is seen a nonpermanent treatment for the hair and will not affect your hair’s natural texture with chemicals. Most of these treatments continue working for two to three months, depending on your hair and the treatment you choose. Likewise, it will not cause damage or breakage to the hair and can work on a variety of hair types, including straight hair.

How Long It Takes

Primarily, the keratin straightening process takes about an hour and ha half (90 minutes) for short hair. However, initial treatments may take longer, depending on how long the hair is and what must be done. Likewise, choosing a quality salon may help the process take less time because these professionals know what they’re doing and likely do more of these treatments.


There is no one perfect reason to consider keratin straightening, as there are an abundance of advantages to using this method. For one thing, it’s not a permanent, chemical option. Instead, a protein (Keratin) is added to the hair, which helps to strengthen the structure of the follicle. As it becomes stronger, it will loosen up, causing a straightened appearance to the hair.

Likewise, it works well for all types of hair including tight curls, chemically-treated hair and curly/wavy tresses.

It is recommended by hair salons everywhere, whether you have curls or not. People with straight hair can benefit from this treatment as well because they can reduce their blow-dry time by up to 60 percent after the treatment. Plus, it works well to reduce frizz and fly-aways.

Slight Drawbacks

The one primary concern with these treatments is that you must have proper aftercare directions. For example, the hair cannot be in contact with water for three days and shouldn’t be clipped or otherwise pulled back, nor should hats and sunglasses be placed on the head. Visit YTF Hair Extensions.

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