What Is Preventive Dentistry in Salem OR?

One of the most common nightmares people suffer from is dreaming that all of your teeth have fallen out. This is a very real fright. If all of your teeth did fall out, it can cost anywhere from $45,000 to $80,000 to get them replaced. Even a full set of dentures can run you up to $800. Having your teeth fall out when you are old is not inevitable if you follow Preventive Dentistry in Salem OR and elsewhere.


If you already brush your teeth twice a day, congratulations. You are practicing Preventive Dentistry in Salem OR! The chances of you being able to keep your teeth have just escalated. Make sure you use a toothpaste with fluoride as this is the best cleaner known for teeth. If you avoid brushing because it hurts, talk to your dentist. There are many treatments for sensitive teeth and easily bleeding gums.


Flossing should be done once a day to remove the plaque and bacteria between your teeth that your brush cannot reach. It does not matter if you floss before or after you brush your teeth. The important thing is to floss at least once a day. There are many types of flossing tools from waxed string to jets of water. Ask your dentist to show you how to floss so that it does not hurt.


Your teeth go through a lot in just a day. A little damage now can cause great pain and cost later on. This is why you should get a dental checkup at least twice a year. Checkups should also include X-rays at least once a year to determine that everything is okay beyond the gumline.


If you engage in sports where flying objects may hit your mouth, it is best to always wear mouthguards to protect your teeth. If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you could damage your teeth. Mouthguards also help for nocturnal teeth grinders.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many things you and your dentist can do to make sure you have your teeth for life. All of these practiced are lumped under the label “preventive dentistry.” If you have a question about preventative dentistry that has not been answered in this article, simply click here to get more info.

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