What Is Provided Through Home Care Services In Beverly Hills, CA?

by | May 22, 2017 | Health

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In California, seniors with challenging medical needs may require added assistance. In-home nursing staff can provide the seniors with help throughout the day and night. These opportunities can also help busy families manage the health care of their senior loved ones. The following are the options provided through a Home Care Service in Beverly Hills CA.

Management of Daily Requirements

The nurse can provide seniors with assistance with normal daily requirements. This includes bathing and grooming for these seniors. Seniors that need extensive help acquire a nurse that helps them to prepare the meals and clean their home as well. The nurses may provide care all day or on a 24-hour basis.

Distribution of Daily Medications

The nurses provide the senior with medication they need each day. They follow all the doctor’s recommendations for the senior’s care. They also provide reports to the doctor when medication needs to be changed, or a new prescription is necessary. The nurse ensures that the senior follows all instructions for their medication and doesn’t miss any doses. They may also provide supplements is requested by the doctor.

Around the Clock Monitoring and Treatment

The overnight nurses are provided for patients with terminal conditions. The nurses report back to the doctor when an emergency arises. This helps them to determine if the condition is worsening. The nurses coordinate emergency care with their doctor and contact emergency services when necessary.

Options for Managing Vital Errands

Some nurses may also provide help with errands. They can provide the senior with a ride to their doctor’s appointments. The nurse can present the family with information about their condition. They will also present families with assistance when the patient has reached the stage in which hospice is needed.

In California, seniors may need help when they develop serious conditions. These conditions could include cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. They may also need assistance with after surgical procedures as well. An in-home nursing professional can help them to manage their daily needs, prepare their meals, and offer help with errands. Seniors that need Home Care Service in Beverly Hills CA can get more information here today.