What is Terrazzo? The Versatility of Terrazzo Marble and Granite

If you care about versatility, you cannot go wrong with terrazzo. This tiling material may be the number one in this category as far as its industry goes. Terrazzo is marble or granite chips mixed into a binder of cement. It’s an attractive, cost-effective material that also doubles as being one of the most durable tiling materials on the market.

Why You Should Choose Terrazzo

There are so many reasons that terrazzo should be on your list of considerations for tile. The first is easy. It looks amazing. It has a beautiful, unique pattern courtesy of the chips of stone that make up a part of the material. In fact, some people like the aesthetic of terrazzo more than other popular options like marble or granite.

Secondly, it gives you this amazing look, but it also does so while remaining inexpensive. When you compare these tiles to ceramic, you’ll be saving a decent amount by choosing the former. While marble may be out of the question for some homes, terrazzo may not be.

On a level of practicality, terrazzo is a very durable tiling material. In fact, it’s more durable than even ceramic or stone. After it has been properly sealed, it will even help prevent damage created by stains or water. It also doesn’t chip as most other options do. Even if it does get worn down, a polish can bring it back to its beginning.

Applying Terrazzo

Terrazzo can be placed just like any other type of tiles would be. However, it can also be mixed, poured, and finished on site, which offers more flexibility regarding installation and design. On top of that, it’s lighter than most other materials, making it a great product to work with. While it’s perfect in a family home, it also fits a large office building quite well.

Terrazzo Use

Bring that terrazzo is marble or granite, it’s durable and suitable for various projects. You can use it inside or out. It can work fine in a high-traffic area or one that sees very few feet. Due to the resistance to water, it’s particularly useful in bathrooms and kitchens. Terrazzo can add style and class to any room you place it in, and the sky is the limit when determining which rooms should have this great flooring.

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