What is the Bare Minimum for Motorcycle Insurance Coverage?

Motorcycle insurance covers damage to motorcycles, some dirt bikes, and some off-road bikes, but what qualifies as adequate coverage? While an insurance company will encourage additional coverage for maximum protection, the bare minimum might be the only thing you can afford. This is the bare minimum protection to include in the policy.

Liability Insurance

In case you’re at fault in an accident, liability coverage covers the damage to the person/people, his/her/their vehicle, and his/her/their property. How much you pay versus how much the insurance pays depends on the deductible limits set in the policy. The motorcycle insurance Chicago provider will also pay for lawsuits based on the deductible limits set in the policy. Good coverage is selecting higher liability coverage and lower deductibles.

Comprehensive and/or Collision Coverage

New motorcycles must include collision and comprehensive coverage on their policy. Collision covers damage to motorcycles in a motorcycle-vehicle and motorcycle-motorcycle accident as well as damaged motorcycles after the rider falls off. The payout policy depends heavily on what the motorcycle is worth on the market today, not what you paid for it. Comprehensive coverage covers fire, theft, vandalism, and water damage. Used or depreciated motorcycles should purchase comprehensive coverage over collision coverage.

Medical Payments Coverage

The driver and passengers on the motorcycle need medical coverage for possible injury. Include the medical payments insurance add-on coverage to the policy. It’s based on the chosen dollar limit, not who’s at fault. This is a complementary alternative for patients with no health insurance or a secondary option to traditional health insurance.

Choose a motorcycle insurance Chicago provider that allows motorcycle insurance customization. If you don’t know where to start, Accurate Auto Insurance is the first resource to list providers who will offer what you want on one page. Accurate Auto does the research so you don’t have to. Visit our website for more information.

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