What Is the Difference Between Gold and Gold-Plated?

Gold is a chemical element known around the world for its beauty. However, it also contains properties essential to many companies, from glass production to electronics to space vehicles. Because it would be impractical to use pure gold, many companies turn to gold plating services to enhance their processes and finished products.

Solid gold consists of gold alloy throughout the item, whereas gold-plated products are made with metal and then covered in a thin layer of gold. Gold plating allows us to use the properties of other metals, such as nickel, brass, and copper. Let’s look at how this procedure helps other industries.

How Gold Plating Works

Through an electrochemical process, gold plating experts deposit a thin layer of gold onto another metal. By using a positively charged gold solution, the negatively charged surfaces attract the gold ions. A gold bath allows the solution to bond with the other metals.

Advantages of Gold Plating

There are many types of metal plating, but gold plating offers unmatched long-term advantages. Below are some of the most notable ones.

Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

Gold enables organizations to effectively transfer heat and electricity much better than silver and copper can without tarnishing. This property makes gold plating services a popular choice for electronics companies.

Corrosion Protection

One of gold’s most fascinating attributes is that it doesn’t react with oxygen, providing gold-plated items maximum resistance against corrosion. We recommend gold plating for creating long-term products, such as automotive machine parts.


Gold is a biocompatible material — meaning it is not harmful to living tissue. Because of this feature, the medical industry has many uses for gold plating. For example, they can use such services for pacemakers, implants, and stents.

Final Thoughts

There’s more to gold than meets the eye. After all, it is a precious metal. Apart from boosting conductivity, corrosion protection, and biocompatibility, there’s so much gold plating can do for your business. It’s time to transform your products through reliable gold plating services.

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