What Is The Key To Success For A Hotel Contractor In Philadelphia?

In one word, speed! Speed is of the essence when a hotel construction job has been awarded, and makes little difference if the hotel is a budget hotel or a high end resort; the demand is always the same. The key costs (cost per room) can vary from one end of the spectrum to the other; a hotel that you may find at the exit of the interstate may be only $50,000 per room whereas the key cost for a resort in Arizona can run into the hundreds of thousands. Speed is still the criteria; prior to the Beijing Olympics a Chinese construction company completed a thirty story hotel in just 15 days. Nobody is suggesting that this should become the new norm but it goes to show that empty rooms bring no revenue and the sooner the project is completed the sooner it can generate cash for the owner or management group.


A hotel is often built using tilt-up construction techniques and finding a hotel contractor in Philadelphia  that knows the process is not easy but there are specialist construction companies who know how to handle this type of building construction. Tilt-up construction has been practiced for some time and is a perfectly safe and economical form of construction where speed of erection is of the utmost importance. It starts with the contractor preparing the foundations for the hotel and pouring the base slab. Once the slab has cured the framing of the tilt-up panels can commence. Usually metal or wooden frames are constructed on the slab, a form if you wish. The panels are complete with doors and windows and are of the exact size to assure mating when they are erected. Once the reinforcing bars or mesh is laid along with the lifting points the frames is filled with concrete.


The next phase that you will see the hotel contractor in Philadelphia go through is the actual erection of the panels; this is where the process gets its name, “Tilt-up”. Once the concrete has set and the forms removed the finished panel is hooked to a crane and tilted into a vertical position. It may be necessary to reinforce the panel during this tilting process with bracing. The panel is lifted and lowered into position as guided by the workers employed by the contractor. The panels are then fastened to the footings and the process repeats itself time after time. Some panels can weigh as much as 125,000 pounds and they are maneuvered into position with finite accuracy and grace. A well trained crew can set as many as 30 panels in a single day, so you can see how a 30 story hotel can be built in 15 days.

The panels are given a finishing touch by the hotel contractor in Philadelphia by either sandblasting or painting.

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