What Qualifies Something as a Wrongful Death in the Charlotte NC Area?

You have probably heard about wrongful death cases and how they fall under the umbrella of personal injury cases. You may not know the specifics of what a wrongful death is, though. Here are key points that make something a wrongful death.

The Death Could Have Been Avoided

Perhaps the main factor that makes a case a wrongful death instead of an imminent death is whether someone could have avoided it. For example, if a doctor fails to perform life-saving surgery, and the person loses his or her life because of it.

The Doctors Didn’t Do Everything They Could

Another factor is whether or not the medical professionals did everything they could to prevent the death from happening. Did they try to revive the person? Did they perform surgery? Did they follow ethical practices and procedures? The attorney will want to know the answer to all of those questions before he decides to tackle a personal injury litigation in Charlotte, NC.

A Party Was Negligent

Wrongful deaths don’t always occur in the hospital or doctor’s office. They can happen anywhere so long as someone behaved in a neglectful manner. Automobile accidents, slip-and-fall incidents and animal bite cases can all be wrongful death cases. What matters is that someone suffered an untimely death because of another person’s neglect.

Family members of deceased parties can contact a reliable personal injury attorney. They can file for a personal injury litigation in Charlotte, NC, if they qualify.

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