What Situations Call for Heavy Duty Towing Services?

There are times when a standard tow truck will not do the job. For larger needs, many providers do offer Heavy Duty Towing Morris IL. Knowing when to ask for this type of support makes it easier to deal with a breakdown quickly and get the vehicle to a repair shop. Here are some examples of when this towing solution makes sense.

Long Haul Trucks

When larger truck used to transport goods from one place to the next breaks down, getting the vehicle to the shop can be difficult. In the best case scenario, there is a spot nearby to haul the trailer and set it up while the truck is being repaired. At other times, there is no choice but to tow both the truck and the trailer to another location. This is a situation that definitely calls for the use of Heavy Duty Towing.

What About the Boat?

Even if the truck involved is a standard pickup, things get complicated when the owner is using the vehicle to tow a boat to the river or lake. Unhitching the boat and leaving it by the side of the road is not an option. In this situation, a tow company that has vehicles with heavy-duty platforms can use a series of pulleys to load both the pickup and the boat onto a platform. That makes it easier to transport everything to a safe location.

Buses and Special Towing Needs

Having a charter bus break down is not something any driver wants to experience. Along with a lot of disgruntled customers, there is the matter of getting the vehicle to a repair shop. Calling a service that has towing equipment designed for larger vehicles will make it easier to haul the bus in, make the repairs, and get back on the road.

For anyone who finds that a vehicle will not start, check out J&A Fleet Maintenance and make a call at once. After answering a few questions, the customer can relax and know that the right type of tow truck will be on the scene as quickly as possible. Once the vehicle is safely at a repair center, it is just a matter of time before the client will be on the way again.

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