What supplies are needed when you have a pool?

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Home and Garden, Swimming Pools and Spas

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There are few things that give a family such joy as a backyard swimming pool, however, to keep the pool pristine and enjoyable, time must be spent in keeping the pool cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. To make sure the pool stays in perfect condition, the homeowner must make periodic purchases of pool supplies in Long Island.

Regardless of whether the pool is above ground or in ground, if it is of substantial size, it will require a filter system. A filter helps keep the pool water clear, avoiding a cloudy appearance, as the filter must be changed frequently to keep the pool clean, it is recommended that a spare be kept at all times. It is further recommended that the filters be used that meet the manufacturers specification, avoid using generic filters if you can, if you must use generic filters, make sure that it is produced to work with your system.

Depending upon where you live and where the pool is situated, a pool cover may be necessary. Pool covers can be a safety feature as well as protection for the pool during the off season. There are some pools that are located under trees and a light cover should be placed over the surface when not in use to collect leaves before they sink in the pool.

Although a major failure of your pump will result in having to call in the pros, there are certain spare parts that can be kept on hand that can be changed by the owner. Most pumps have basic repair kits available; having a kit will often allow minor problems to be quickly fixed.

Cleanliness in the pool is a must. Although the pool is fitted with a filter, this will not do everything that is necessary. The pool must be treated with chemicals which stop the buildup of algae on the sides and keep the water pH at the optimum level. The chemicals that you buy should be those recommended for the type of pool you have and they should be used in accordance with the instructions.

There are many other pool supplies in Long island that can make your pool a happier place, lighting is an ideal example.

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