What to Ask When Dealing with an Alimony Attorney in Columbus, IN

Divorce is never an easy situation to deal with. One of the most contentious and confusing things that almost always goes along with divorce is the negotiation of alimony. Here are a few of the things one should think about before (and during) the process of working with an alimony attorney in Columbus, IN.

Q: How much money will be needed to live?

A: This question can only be realistically answered by devising a budget before an alimony figure is reached. Once an amount is reached, the only way it can be changed is through a court order, which is often hard to do. One positive thing is that most divorce courts require both parties to present the judge with income and expense sheets.

Q: Is there already a significant other in the picture?

A: Most states require that alimony ends when the receiving party either gets remarried or moves in with someone they are having a romantic relationship with. If this is the case with the person who will be due alimony, it may be in their best interest to skip filing for alimony and try to negotiate with the alimony attorney in Columbus, IN for a bigger share of the marital assets.

Q: How much is realistic for the spouse to pay each month?

A: Vengeance or “sticking it to them” is not a legal option when it comes to settling on alimony amounts. Even if the spouse has done the other person wrong, the alimony will be based on what they can realistically afford on a monthly basis.

The court severely frowns on anybody falsifying monetary amounts to get a bigger settlement, so it may be in the best interest of the alimony recipient to leave all paperwork and negotiations in the hands of an experienced firm such as Alcorn, Sage, Schwartz & Magrath LLP.

For more information on how to file for alimony payments or to schedule a free consultation, visit https://www.advocatelawoffices.com/. An experienced attorney will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the merits of the claim.

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