What to Consider When Purchasing a Walk-In Cooler for Your Restaurant

If you are new to the restaurant business, you probably find yourself making purchases you had never considered before. One such purchase is the walk-in cooler. There are many considerations to make about this purchase, making it necessary for you to be well informed before making this major purchase. If you purchase the right one the first time, it should last for a long period of time, allowing you to focus your efforts on other areas that help you grow your business.


Start with the size of the cooler. Take into consideration the amount of food you need to store now and add a little room for growth. It is typically recommended to have one cubic foot of space for every 28 pounds of cold food you need to store. Also keep in mind the space restrictions at your restaurant and how many people you anticipate being inside the cooler at once. It is a smart decision to plan for the future and allow a little bit of room for growth, rather than having to replace the unit in the near future when your business takes off.

Make Traffic Go Smoothly

People will likely be in and out of the walk-in cooler all day long. Think about how many loads will be coming in on receiving days and whether they will be large enough to warrant putting a ramp on the cooler. If the door will be open a lot, you might consider a strip curtain to help keep the cool air in on those days the door seems to be open more often than it is closed. You might also consider finding a unit that offers an automatically closing door to eliminate the risk of spoiled food.

Meet Legal Requirements

Walk-in coolers must have an R-Value of at least 25. This measures the amount of thermal resistance the unit possesses. You should also determine if the cooler is certified by NSF, the public health and safety administration, as well as UL approved to ensure its safety for you and your employees.

Starting a new restaurant business creates many responsibilities and decisions. If you are purchasing a walk-in cooler for the first time, you should take the time to research your choices carefully. Take a moment to assess your actual needs and leave a little room for growth. Your cooler is a major component of the success of your business, making it essential to take the time and make a smart purchase.

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