What To Expect During And After South Florida Hand Surgery

There are several common injuries and conditions that can occur to the hand. Often these issues become more problematic over time, and they can easily move from a condition that causes a mild discomfort or annoyance to a painful condition that impacts the quality of life.

If your doctor has recommended hand surgery, it is important to understand the procedure, the anticipated or expected results, and also to understand the risks associated with the procedure. As each condition is different, and so is each patient, there can be significant differences between procedures.

Top medical professionals throughout South Florida take the time to explain the procedure to the patient, as well as provide all necessary information on expectations, risks and recovery times.

The Surgery

It is important to follow all instructions for the doctor and the staff prior to surgery. As the surgery determines the type of anesthesia used, you may be required to avoid eating or drinking for a period of time before the procedure.

Avoid using any type of skin care products, unauthorized prescription medications or any other types of over the counter medications or herbal supplements. Both over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements can interfere with blood clotting or hinder healing.

The Recovery

In most cases, hand surgery does not require an overnight stay at the hospital. The incision may be closed with either non-removable or removable types of sutures, and your doctor will explain which option has been used in your procedure.

The hand is wrapped and may be splinted to prevent movement and possible tearing of the incision site. It is common after hand surgery for swelling to occur, but this decreases in a few days for most procedures.

It is important to follow all cleaning, immobilization and use recommendations throughout the recovery period. If you have any questions about any issues during recovery, contact your South Florida hand surgeon to get the information you need.

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