What To Expect When Getting A Root Canal In Salisbury NC

When most people hear the words, “root canal” they expect the worst. Unless a person has had a root canal before, they wouldn’t understand that the process is not as bad as they think. If the individual understands the process of a root canal in Salisbury NC, it may alleviate some of the anxiety that they are feeling.

The Reason For a Root Canal

If a person has a cavity, the dentist would fill it. If the cavity is too deep to be filled, a root canal would be necessary.

The Root Canal Procedure

The first thing that the dentist would do is isolate the tooth that needs to be treated, using a rubber dam. It is important that the tooth that is going to be treated remains free of bacteria from the saliva and the other teeth. Once the mouth is prepared, the dentist would drill an access hole into the tooth. Once the hole is created, the pulp in the tooth would be scraped out. Since the pulp is dead, it will not be very painful. If there is an infection inside the tooth, the dentist would fill the hole with an antibiotic and it would be sealed up temporarily. After a week, the individual would go back to have the hole permanently sealed. If there was no infection, it would be sealed up during the root canal.

After Care

After a root canal, the individual will still be numb for the Novocaine for a few hours. After it wears off, the person might feel some pain in the tooth for a few days. The pain shouldn’t be too severe, therefore, an over the counter medication pain reliever should be enough. After the root canal, the individual should avoid chewing with the tooth that was treated.

When To Contact the Dentist

There are a few situations that would warrant a trip back to the dentist. If there is swelling on the inside or outside of the mouth, it is a cause for concern. Also, if the person’s bite feels uneven or if the original symptom return, they should contact their dentist.

A root canal is nothing to be afraid of. When it is over, the pain that the decayed tooth will be gone. If a person believes that they need a root canal in Salisbury NC, they should contact Robert S. Ogden DDS PA.

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