What to Expect When You Speak with a Bail Bondsman in Shelton, CT

Bail bonds can help almost anyone who has been arrested, but a loved one will need to obtain the bond for them. In many cases, the person obtaining the bond has never been in this situation before and, therefore, may be worried about what to expect when they speak with a bail bondsman in Shelton, CT. Below are a few things they can expect.

/media/link/123rf images/2014/legal/9682889_l.jpgHelp Understanding Payment Options

Bail bonds need to be secured with a percentage of the bond amount or collateral. A bail bondsman will explain what all of the options are and how to pay for the percentage or what they can bring in for collateral. This helps the person understand how they can afford the bond and see how much help they can get paying for the bail.

Help Understanding Terms of the Bond

The bail bondsman can explain all of the terms of the bond carefully. The person obtaining the bond can ask any questions about the terms or the potential consequences if the terms are not followed and the bond is revoked. This lets them fully consider the risks involved with obtaining a bond before they get one and make sure this is what they want to do to help their loved one.

Help Understanding Process from Securing the Bond to Release

Most people will want their loved one to be released as quickly as possible. The bondsman will help explain what happens between the bond being secured and the person being released. They can also explain how long the process typically takes and what might make everything take longer.

Help Understanding What Happens at the End

What happens at the end of the hearings varies depending on how the person secured the bond. A bail bondsman can explain what happens once the hearings are all completed and whether the person needs to do anything to receive their collateral back if they secured the bond with collateral.

If you have a loved one that has been arrested and you’d like to help them obtain a bond, take the time to speak with a bail bondsman in Shelton, CT right away. Click here to learn more or to get help right away.

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