What to Expect with Custom Teeth Bleaching Strips in Vancouver WA

One look in the bathroom mirror is all it takes to see that the teeth are not as bright and attractive as in years past. Instead of assuming that nothing can be done, it pays to talk with a dental professional about teeth whitening treatments. One approach that will come under discussion is the use of Custom Teeth Bleaching Strips in Vancouver WA. Here are some examples of what to expect if this particular treatment is employed.

Preparing to Try the Strips

Before the first round of using the Custom Teeth Bleaching Strips in Vancouver WA, the dentist will conduct a complete examination. The goal is to see if there is any type of issue that must be corrected before the strips are applied. As part of the process, the dentist will also have the teeth cleaned. Doing so removes any residue found on and in between the teeth. This will make it easier for the compound found in the strips to seep through the enamel and to the underlying stains.

Setting Reasonable Expectations

It is natural for teeth to darken slightly over time, even when there is no yellowing present. As the dentist will tell the patient, the use of any type of whitening strips will not guarantee that the teeth will look exactly as they did a couple of decades ago. There will be a noticeable difference, but be reasonable in terms of expectations. Once the patient understands that the effect will improve the appearance of the teeth but not necessarily make them look brand new, it will be time to try the first round.

Assessing the Outcome

The dentist will likely start with strips containing a limited amount of solution. This makes it possible to see how the patient reacts. If there are no signs of irritation to the teeth or along the gum line, it may be possible to increase the strength of the solution. After each treatment, it pays to take a look at the teeth and see what sort of change has occurred. Doing so makes it possible to know when to stop and begin thinking in terms of maintenance rather than daily whitening treatments.

For help with any type of teeth whitening strategy, see the team at Lewis Family Dentistry first. Doing so will ensure the teeth look their best and also remain healthy and strong. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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