What to Know About Elegant Hotels in the Twin Cities

When people are looking for elegant hotels in the Twin Cities, they have several options available. The best hotels will have guest rooms and suites, and they have space for weddings. These hotels can also accommodate meetings, celebrations, and dining. This type of hotel will be historic and have a record of hosting some of the most notable and noted people.

Guestrooms and Suites

The most elegant hotels in the Twin Cities offer comfort, style, and elegance in their guestrooms and suites. These hotels have more than 200 rooms available and they are inviting with luxurious accommodations that make the stay one to remember.

The standard single queen guestroom has a queen bed with a plush chenille chair and a view. They also offer a deluxe king, which has a king bed, a chenille chair, and a writing desk. This type of hotel will have deluxe double beds, other types of king beds, and various suites to ensure that guests get exactly what they need.


In addition to luxurious guest rooms and suites, elegant hotels in the Twin Cities have dining options. People can go to a restaurant with classic American fare that is created and prepared by award winning chefs. They also offer a Lobby Bar where they offer hand crafted cocktails. People can make memories as they enjoy expertly prepared classic meals at any time of day. They also offer an a la carte breakfast as well as a brunch on Sundays. All of these options are also available for in-room dining.

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