What to Know About Teeth Whitening Kalamazoo MI

Tooth discoloration is a major problem for many dental patients. It can cause a person to hesitate when smiling or not smile at all. Since a person’s smile is often the first facial expression noticed by others, this can send out negativity to others. To correct this, many people choose to have their teeth whitened. The following information should be considered when a person is learning about Teeth Whitening Kalamazoo MI.

Tooth stains can be caused by many factors including food and medicine. Intrinsic stains affect the dentin of teeth. Some causes of this include overuse of fluoride and antibiotics such as tetracycline. Extrinsic stains negatively influence a tooth’s enamel. Factors that contribute to this include coffee, wine, and soft drinks. Teeth whitening in Kalamazoo MI seems to have more of an impact on extrinsic stains, it can also help intrinsic stains.

Whitening teeth can be done in a dentist’s office or at home. When done at home, a person can choose to use any of the multitude of products on the market for teeth whitening. Some of these include tooth whitening toothpaste, tooth whitening gels, tooth whitening strips, tooth whitening rinse, and tooth whitening gum. A dental patient can also use a professionally dispensed tooth whitening kit given by a dentist. This kit can be used at home but is not an over-the-counter product.

When a person has her teeth whitened in a dental office, a dentist or member of his support staff will apply a layer of gel to the front side of a person’s teeth. A guard will be placed over gums to prevent exposure to the whitening agent. This whitening agent will sit on a person’s mouth for about 15 minutes before being removed. Sometimes, a special light is used to enhance the effects of the whitening gel.

By considering this information, a person can decide if teeth whitening is for her. She can also choose the best method for performing it. For more information on tooth whitening and other dental services, a person can talk to the professionals at Busch Gentle Dentistry. Visiting Buschgentledentistry.com will enable a person to learn about many of these services as well.

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