What to Know Before You Visit a Marijuana Dispensary

Your first visit to a marijuana dispensary can be both exciting and intimidating. There will be a lot to look at and consider and some strict rules to follow, so being aware of these beforehand can keep things from getting overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know before your first trip to the local dispensary:

You’ll Need Your ID

At every one of the thousands of marijuana dispensaries currently in operation, you’ll need your identification. This will both prove you are at the legal age required for consumption and use and verify that you are the patient or person who is expected to be picking up your product. Depending on the reason you are purchasing, you may also be required to show proof of prescription. Call ahead for more information on what to bring – and to make sure you don’t show up without the things you need.

You’ll Want to Bring Cash

While laws are constantly in motion toward change about regulations when it comes to buying marijuana products, you still need cash to purchase at all locations currently licensed to sell.

You Have Homework – Right Now

Before you even darken the doorstep of a dispensary, you should be doing your homework. Even those who receive prescriptions for marijuana will need to know which strain they would prefer. Likewise, if you are purchasing edibles or other cannabis or CBD products, you’ll need to understand the strengths, effects, and other details before you choose. Do your homework now, so you won’t show up unprepared.

The Staff is There to Help

If you do show up without the foreknowledge to choose the right products or simply feeling intimidated, fear not – the staff at most Palm Springs marijuana dispensaries are friendly, patient, and excited to help you through your purchasing experience. So, whether you’ve visited your local marijuana dispensary once or a thousand times, feel free to ask questions and make small talk. They’re there to help you have a great experience and purchase great products that work for you.

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