What to Look for in a Self-Parking Establishment

Self-parking can be a convenient—and economical—solution in many areas, including the Jacksonville Airport. The ability to put your car in a safe, secure place for a good price gives you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about while going away for business or pleasure. However, there are some things you should look for when you are choosing a self-parking solution.

Flexible Parking Times

This world is full of unexpected twists and turns. When we travel, we are seemingly more vulnerable to such things. The weather, sudden changes in plans either by us or people we are going to see, or other surprises can all make flexible hours for self-parking more appealing. When choosing where to park your car, make sure you are able to extend the amount of time you park at the facility. Although most flights are on time at the Jacksonville airport, frequently there are delays or other events that force you to keep your car parked for an extra day or so. You don’t want to come back to unexpected charges or worse, so double check their policy around extending your stay.

A Bonus Program

It is important to realize that because you are spending your hard-earned money, you are entitled to certain benefits. The service for which you pay is the primary one, as is respect to you and your property. However, some self-parking facilities take it even one step further by offering you a bonus rewards program. Most work just like those at coffee shops: you accumulate points, and those can be redeemed for a free parking session. Even though you may not feel the need for this little freebie, it will feel good when you have to use it.

A Clear Insurance Plan for Damage to Your Vehicle

Accidents happen. When you are parking your vehicle, many accidents that occur on the premises are the responsibility of the facility. You will want to know where the lines are, so to speak when deciding whether you will park your car in a self-parking facility or not. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re headed to the Jacksonville airport, you can depend on Green Mango for your self-parking needs. They have flexible parking times, a rewards program, and clear policies regarding damage to your vehicle. You can learn more about their services at GreenMangoParking.com

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