What to Look for in an Investment Advisor

As people age, it is a good idea to consider what will happen after retirement. For many, financial problems become the norm. To avoid this, consider the value of working with an investment advisor in Greensburg PA.

Who They Are

Investment advisors, also referred to as asset, investment or wealth managers, receive payment for supplying advice about securities. While often considered synonymous with investment advisors, they are not. Investment advisors are legal entities – registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or a state equivalent.


A good investment advisor should possess the following qualities:

  • Experience: The advisor should be seasoned several years
  • Expertise: S/he must have a thorough comprehension of the financial world and its components
  • Innovative: An advisor should be innovative
  • Communicator: An advisor must be a good communicator – able to get across the information, suggestions and related material in an easily understood, reliable and timely fashion
  • Access: Not only must clients be able to easily access, but they also need to be able to draw on a team of experts to obtain relevant information

Above all, this type of advisor must be a professional who always has the interest of his or her clients at heart.

Choosing an Investment Advisor

Choosing the right advisor in Greensburg PA requires knowing the qualities of this individual. S/he must be confident but not overly so. It is also important they know the market and have relevant experience. However, what is absolutely essential is the client has faith in their ability to perform their tasks expertly.

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