What to Look for in Warehousing Services in Naples, FL

When choosing a moving service, it’s important for clients to ensure that all of their bases will be covered, including storage. Not all professional movers offer additional packing and warehousing services, and not all services are created equal. Read on to find out what to look for in warehousing services in Naples FL to facilitate residential and commercial moves.

Long-Term and Short-Term Options

There are a variety of reasons that clients need to store their items during a move and every reader will be working on a different time frame. Those who are purchasing new homes may need to move into a rental between permanent homes, for example, which often requires long-term storage solutions. Businesses often need short-term storage for equipment or inventory between moves, as well, and they shouldn’t have to pay for longer rental periods than they need.

Comprehensive Protection

Look for a company that will carefully pack and prepare items for storage. This should be done when the items are picked up from the initial location. All padding and packing materials should remain untouched throughout the storage period until the items are returned to their owners at their new homes or businesses.

Climate Control

Even if all items being stored are handled with professional courtesy and care, they may still suffer damage if they’re stored in a warehouse that isn’t equipped with climate control. Changes in temperature can negatively impact a wide variety of materials, from paper to wood to certain kinds of plastic and more. Storing items over short or long periods in units that aren’t climate controlled just isn’t worth the risk.

Adequate Insurance

Make sure to work with moving and warehousing services in Naples FL that carry adequate insurance. This will ensure that the clients will not be on the hook in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Get Started Today

Whether readers are planning long-distance moves to new houses and need to store items during their trips or they are responsible for managing office moves, a professional moving, packing, and warehousing company can help. Browse our website to find out more about these services, request a free quote online, or call for additional information today.

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