What You can Expect when Retaining a Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney in Collinsville, IL

Most people are aware that when it comes to accidents, motorcycle accidents tend to have the highest rates of fatality and serious injuries. This is mainly because motorcyclists are extremely exposed, unlike with other types of vehicles. This means that even accidents that occur at lower rates of speed can still result in significant injury. In addition, because motorcyclists are not as visible as somebody driving a car or truck, if vehicle drivers don’t use a great deal of caution, they could cause an accident with a motorcyclist. In these instances, an injured motorcyclist may want to speak with a Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney Collinsville IL.

Once an injured motorcyclist has retained the services of a Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney Collinsville IL, the attorney will begin to do a thorough investigation to determine the level of negligence that the person who caused the motorcycle accident exhibited. This means speaking with the injured motorcyclist, getting every copy of any accident or police report made concerning the subject and viewing every possible photograph taken following the accident.

Once a level of negligence has been assessed, in most instances, the Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney in Collinsville IL will either turn their attention towards the individual whose negligence caused the accident or, in most cases, the insurance company that covers the negligent party. It’s at this point the attorney will try and negotiate with the insurance company for proper levels of compensation for their client’s injuries, property loss and any pain-and-suffering they may have experienced from the accident. If these negotiations don’t work or they stall out due to an unresponsive insurance company, the attorney can always take their case to open court in order to reach an equitable solution.

Not every accident will require the legal services provided by the Brunton Law Offices. However, if an injured motorcycle rider who was caught up in an accident that wasn’t their fault has been unable to get compensation from the negligent party’s insurance company, legal action could be required. Whether the insurance company responses to an initial inquiry or ongoing negotiations will be necessary, having the representation of an attorney can help you get the compensation you need following a motorcycle accident.

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