What You Need to Know About Oak Lawn disability benefits

To file an Oak Lawn disability benefits claim, you initially need to acquire heavily-detailed medical documentation of your disability. These records should state the date in which your illness or condition began and its root cause. Test results verifying your condition are required whether the disability is mental or physical. You need a list of all medications utilized by your physician or counselor to treat the condition even if the previous options were unsuccessful in improving the illness or injury. The more documentation you possess the higher the success rate of approval is to begin receiving disability benefits. Your assigned case worker will need to speak with your physician or counselor to conduct a formal interview for evaluation purposes.

You are additionally required to submit to the local Social Security Administration any work records you possess. A case worker requests documentation of wages earned before your disability occurred as well as wages earned by a spouse if you are married or your parent if you are a minor. In addition to reporting your wages you are required to provide SSA with bank account numbers for all accounts in your name. This requirement does extend to a spouse or parent if applicable. Once the case worker receives an application for disability benefits, your medical records, and financial statements, he or she schedules appointments for you to visit doctors associated with the SSA to verify your claim through examination and testing.

When the SSA reaches a decision in your case, you are notified by mail. Typically first-time applicants are turned down. This is not always the case when applicants present in-depth documentation of their disability. As it is difficult to fight these denials, your best chance of winning your disability benefits case, is by hiring an attorney who specializes in these claims. Attorneys with this expertise are well-versed in which avenues to venture in winning these claims. These lawyers utilize your medical records and testimony from your doctor to fight through the appeal process to ensure you receive the disability benefits you deserve.

If you are denied their benefits, you have the legal right to appeal against this decision. Visit Nash Disability Law in the Chicago metro area to win benefits than any other law firm.

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