What You Need to Know About Septic Tanks

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Wastewater

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Septic tanks are an important part of many homes, but like any other systems, they need to be taken care of so that they function well. Before you invest in any Septic Pumping Services in Matagorda, you will first want to learn a few things about septic tanks and the process of maintaining them.

How Septic Pumping Services Work
According to How Stuff Works, everything that drains from your sinks or toilets will find their way to a septic tank, often buried in the ground outside of your home. This waste water—called septage—is separated into various layers. At the very bottom is sludge, which are the heaviest particles. In the middle of the tank, you’ll find gray water. You’ll find scum at the very top layer, usually made up of oil and fat. A septic tank’s job is to discharge only the gray water into the drain field. The gray water can then act as a type of fertilizer.

Maintenance is Crucial to Peak Performance
If your pump isn’t cleaned regularly, the septage could end up overflowing from your toilets and sinks, ruining your home. That’s why it is always better to err on the safe side instead of having to pay more to fix damage that could have been avoided. Otherwise, you might end up with damages to your system so severe that you have to pay top dollar to get it repaired. In the worst scenarios, you may have to get your entire system replaced, which could cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to nearly ten thousand dollars.

Keep Your Septic Tank at Its Best
When it comes to keeping your septic tank working great, do not delay maintenance any longer. Consult with Septic Pumping Services in Matagorda to give your system the quality service that it needs to keep working at maximum efficiency.

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